Friday, May 14, 2021


My interest in theatre must have started when I was age six in 1953 as an extra in a summer camp production of Damon and Pythias.

I also recall making some photograms which may have piqued a rudimentary interest in photography.
A year later, I played the part of ‘The Page’ in a United Church production of Good King Wenceslaus.
My writing pilgrimage began when I was eleven years old. Several friends and I got together, strung up a blanket between two trees, and charged a penny admission for anyone who wanted to be in the audience. Then we presented a short skit I had written called The Ghost Story
I don't recall what the story was about, but it began an interest in the written word. 
Two years later, I wrote another one-act play entitled The Mummy which I’m sure must have been influenced by posters of various Universal and Hammer films I had seen at the time. The drama class of the school I attended produced it.
In my fourteenth year, I discovered Marvel Comics. Stan Lee, the main writer, inspired me to write some short stories using his style of writing. As a result, many of my earlier tales showed a lot of superfluous language.

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